Hot Hairstyle Trends in Sioux Falls

No matter the season, there's a timeless joy in refreshing our haircut and color. Sure, we like to stay on trend, but it's more a desire to reinvent and revitalize the way we look and feel. When you need a lift, a fresh haircut can be a transformative experience. Not everyone has long, flowing mermaid hair. Here are a few alternative lengths that are really catching on with our clients in Sioux Falls.

Enjoy these before and after pics of 605 Styling Co clients on their recent visits.

Should Length Hair

Between a fresh cut and some color adjustments, these clients walked out completely changed. The hair has more movement and the color is fire.

Medium length hair is having a moment. Women everywhere are opting for the chic allure of less-than-long lengths, from collarbone grazing to just below the chin. Worn straight or with waves, shoulder length hair is super versatile and sexy. And if you're coming from really long hair, it's liberating! Depending on your face shape and features, your stylist can suggest some face framing highlights or hair color to make this look your own. 

French Bob Hairstyle

More than just a fabulous haircut, her subtle change in color...c'est magnifique!

The bob hairstyle is always in and this sophisticated Parisian version is trending. Characterized by its jaw-length or slightly longer with blunt ends, the French bob gives off an understated elegance vibe. Lines are clean and well defined, creating a polished look. The French love simplicity, so the soft face-framing layers or bangs are key because they accentuate your natural beauty. A style like this puts the focus on your skin and your eyes.

Butterfly Cut

A long style gets its wings with a butterfly cut. The overall look is long, yet it gets a weightless feel with delicate layers around the face, with wispy pieces from the chin down.

Modern Shag

How does she feel afterwards? Her smile says it all.

Not the disconnected shag of the 70s, this contemporary shag hairstyle features layers of varying lengths, which creates movement and volume throughout. The layers are slightly choppy for a tousled texture and playful appearance. The layers are strategically placed to frame the face, enhance natural texture, and provide versatility in styling.

Ready for a hairstyle change?

Notice the trend here? These styes are all about the face...face framing layers which put the focus on you! Book an appointment at 605 Styling Co and step out feeling revitalized.