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Hand-crafted, remy hair extensions. 100% human hair, no synthetic coatings, no mess, no damage!

605 Styling Co is thrilled to offer Babe hair extensions. We have several certified hair extensions stylists. We can customize solutions for longer, fuller hair whether you just want to have fun, be creative, or feel more beautiful and confident.

  • Add instant length
  • Fill out your style
  • Add youthful volume
  • Add color without commitment
  • Camouflage trouble spots

Babe Hair Extensions Color Palette

Babe extensions come pre-colored in over 45 shades including natural shades, rooted shades, blended shades, and bold fashion shades. Hair colors can be mixed and matched, used to add highlights and lowlights, add pops of bold color, or create the look of balayage. Because they are made of real human hair, they can be custom colored at the salon before they are applied.

Types of Extensions at 605 Styling Co

We like options. Not just in color and length, options for attachment method and density give us total creative control to customize the best solution for you and your hair type. Here are the methods that we offer:

Tape in Extensions

Tape in extensions are very popular. Hair is applied by sandwiching the client’s hair between two pre-taped wefts or, for fine hair, one weft and single-sided tape. Tape in extensions are lightweight and easy to wear which makes them an ideal place to start if you're new to hair extensions. They are gentle on the hair which makes them an appropriate solution for women with fragile hair or thinning hair. Because they apply with ease, a full head application takes about an hour or so, they are the most affordable type of extensions.

Like most extensions, tape in extensions require in-salon maintenance at regular intervals. Because Babe Extensions are made of quality human hair, your tape in extensions can be re-used and reapplied. With proper care, each set of tape in extensions should last for several months before a new set is recommended. Babe tape in extensions are available in lengths of 14" 18" 22" and 24".

Hand Tied Wefts (Beaded Row)

Sew-In Wefts are installed by sewing individual wefts onto a hidden track of silicone beads. This quick and secure method results in long lasting fullness, length and maximum comfort that women love. Babe's Sew In Wefts are produced in two forms: 

1. Babe Hand Tied Wefts are finished manually for a delicate result. They’re individually hand stitched, adding strength, preventing shedding, and reducing bulk. The end result is beautiful blending and a style that lasts!

2. Babe Volume Wefts are machine finished which allows more hair to be packed into each weft. So pump up the volume with maximum body. What's extra nice about the machine finished wefts is that the bands can be cut by the stylist with less shedding, deconstructed and reconstructed to match the density of your hair.

Sew in wefts also require in-salon maintenance at regular intervals. Like tape-in extensions, the hair can be removed and reapplied, and even the beads can be re-used once before they should be replaced. With proper care, your sew in extensions should last for several months before a new set is recommended. Sew in hair extensions are very durable, making them ideal for women who crave long lengths. Babe's sew in wefts are available in 18.5" and 22" lengths and can be trimmed for shorter styles.

Hair Extensions: Color Without Chemicals

Enhance your color, or add pops of fashion color, with the added bonus of more hair!

These pops of color extensions are great for those who are wanting to do something a little different but aren’t ready to lighten/ color their own hair. Remember Babe extensions are real hair and give you 360 degree movement so you are able to style them anyway you want. So go ahead and play. Add strands of color to represent your signature color, your favorite holiday or season, your school, your team...have fun! 

How much do Babe hair extensions cost?

The cost of your extensions will depend on the method we use (tape ins vs sew ins), how many wefts we need to create your style along with the length. We highly recommend that you come in for a free consultation in order to get an exact quote for how much your hair extensions will cost.

Start with a Free Consultation!

We have several stylists that are certified to install Babe hair extensions. Book an appointment for a hair extensions consultation to learn what hair extensions can do for you. While you're here, we can color match your hair, show you samples of the hair and share ideas for your new style.

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