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The right hair color can have a transformative effect not only on your look but also on your personality as it will leave you feeling more confident than ever! At 605 Styling Co, we offer a full range of color services including blonding, highlights, full head color, grey coverage, color correction, and more. We are very experienced in all aspects of coloring and can handle complicated color requests like dramatic color changes, extreme lifting and transitioning into and out of fantasy colors.

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Color Consultations are FREE at 605 Styling Co

If you’re not sure which color would look best on you, book in for a free color consultation with one of our expert colorists who are sure to find a color completely suited to you. They will take into account your hair type, skin tone & style to help find the ideal color for you. Whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered at 605 Styling Co – from natural shades to grey coverage, vivid fashion colors to pretty pastels. For more inspiration, keep reading for information on all our different color services…

Single Process Color & All-Over Color

Single process color is the application of one single color, either to enrich your color all over or to touch up your roots. Single process colors are a great way to add softness and healthy shine to your hair. A full head of color can create vibrancy, whether it’s ravishing red colors or rich chocolate brown hair shades. Our experts will help you decide on a color that complements your complexion and style.

Foil Highlights & Lowlights

Highlights are a gorgeous way to lighten and brighten your look. We offer a range of shades for different shades such as buttery blonde tones, vibrant reds, and warm chocolate brown shades. So, whether you’ve got blonde, brunette, or black hair, we’re sure to find the perfect hue to use as highlights to accent your hair. If you want to make a statement, you could even have a bold fashion color put in as highlights – such as a pop of pink or a shock of silver!

If you're looking to add some depth & dimension to your hair, then lowlights can be used to do just that! Lowlights involve using a shade that is darker than your natural color to add some richness & volume. Deep chestnut brown & burn auburn shades are some of the gorgeous colors that look amazing when applied as lowlights.

Babylights & teasylights are also on highlighting techniques brighten your hair! Babylights are delicate highlights that are applied where the sun would naturally lighten your hair. Money Piece highlights create a bold frame of brighter pieces around the face. While teasylights involve teasing your hair before applying the color so that hair is accented from the mid length to the tips, as if you had a balayage. Keep reading to find out more about balayage... 

Bronde Hair

In between blonde hair and brunette is a lovely shade of bronde! It's an alternative to bright blonde and a sure way to warm up your skin tone as the sun tan fades. Women everywhere are backing off the bleach to give hair a break and discovering a whole new realm of blonde.

Balayage & Hand Painted Highlights

Balayage, in all of its forms, continues to be a top request, with blonde balayage being a popular choice. The word balayage comes from the French verb ‘to sweep’ which best describes this hand painted highlighting technique. Our skilled colorists hand paint your highlights by sweeping lightener from the mid length to the tips. Balayage is great because it’s a low-maintenance look as your root regrowth will be less noticeable than it would be with other hair coloring techniques.

Reverse Balayage

reverse balayage sioux fallsInstead of adding sweeping highlights, a reverse balayage adds sweeping dimension, either by using a combination of highs and lows, or by embracing more of your base color. Your stylist may recommend adding a color on top of your balayaged hair in order to adjust the undertone of your lightened hair. Everyone's hair lightens differently. If you hair naturally lifts to ashy blonde tones, we can created a creamy buttery blonde by adding a single process color.


Balayage can also be applied using foils which is known as foilayage. The foils help warm the lightened sections of hair and extend the dry time, allowing the lightener to work a bit longer for added brightness. 

Vivid & Pastel Colors

Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with a vivid fashion hair color! For a totally on-trend look, try out a bold hair shade like red, auburn, or blue. For a softer look try out a pretty pastel hair color, like pale pink or baby blue. Your fun fashion hair color can be applied as an all-over color, highlights, or even balayage. Whatever hair color you desire, our expert colorists at 605 Styling Co will create!

Color Correction & Color Balancing

When hair color goes wrong, it can really go wrong…but don’t panic! At 605 Styling Co Salon, our highly trained team has the knowledge & skills to rectify hair color disasters. Whether you used an at-home hair dye kit that turned out to be the wrong shade, your hair color is patchy or you’ve just changed your mind about the color you’ve had applied, our professional colorists are here to help! Using the best Olaplex products, we will restore your hair to a color and condition that you’ll love once more. Just leave it to the professionals – your hair is safe with us!
color correction 605 styling co hair salon sioux falls
Color correction doesn't have to be so dramatic! Sometimes your hair just needs color balancing. If your lightened hair has gone too far, we can tone it down to a shade that works better for your complexion. If your color has grown out, leaving you with several inches of regrowth, we know how to carefully lift the roots and apply color or highlights throughout so that you have consistent color.

Book in for a complimentary color consultation so that we can assess the problem and discuss the plan to fix your hair color. Book your consultation here now!

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