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Ready to go blonde or blonder? The first step is deciding which shade of blonde is best for you. Maybe you're already blonde and want to add brightness or dimension. Or maybe you're naturally dark and want to be light. Whether you want to go platinum or just want a little lift, 605 Styling Co's blonde hair experts have the skills to get you to that perfect shade of blonde hair. Here is a breakdown of popular shades of blonde we're seeing lately.

Warm Blonde Hair

We are definitely seeing a trend towards warmer, golden toned blondes. For clients starting with light brown and bronde hair, we typically do a full head of fine highlights to create the all over blonde look. For a rooted, dimensional look, we can follow up with color at the roots and around hairline.  

Warm blonde shades:

Honey Blonde
Teddy Bear Blonde, Honey Graham Blonde
Sun-kissed Blonde
Natural Golden Blonde
California Blonde

Cool Blonde Hair

At the opposite end of the spectrum, cool blonde is pale and icy without any golden tones. Compared to warm blonde's golden tones, cool blonde almost has a blue vibe. To knock down any golden tones, we apply a toner after lightening. Cool blondes can also use a purple shampoo at home.  

Platinum Blonde
Icy Blonde

Neutral Blondes

Just as the name implies, these blonde shades fall somewhere in middle and they tend to flatter all skin tones. Neutral blondes don't contain golden tones or icy tones. 

Wheat Blonde

Butter Blonde

Beige Blonde

Color Consultations are FREE at 605 Styling Co

Whether you go warm or cool, subtle or bright, getting that perfect shade of blonde is all about harmony. The most natural looking blonde shade flatters your complexion's undertones and is multidimensional. If you’re not sure which color would look best on you, book in for a free color consultation with one of our expert colorists who are sure to find a color completely suited to you. They will take into account your hair type, skin tone & style to help find the ideal color for you. Whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered at 605 Styling Co.

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