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Get a Great Hairstyle - and a Little Swagger - at 605 Styling Co in Sioux Falls

Whether you want a quick and easy haircut that’s ready as soon as you roll out of bed or a men’s haircut that you can style & restyle depending on your look that day, we can create the perfect men’s hairstyle for you at 605 Styling Co! We listen to what you want and advise you if you’re not sure exactly what look you’re after. Our skilled team provide classic men’s haircuts and styles in Sioux Falls along with the latest looks and trends. We create a wide variety of gent’s haircuts – from classic cuts to using the latest clipper techniques to fade, taper, and blend your hairstyle.

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Classic Men's Haircuts

A popular hairstyle for men continues to be the quiff. The quiffed hairstyle looks great with a skin fade which is where the hair fades from long to short, or even shaved or clippered around the back and sides. Depending on your style, you can make the quiff as big or small as you want.

Another classic men’s haircut is the disconnected undercut hairstyle. This is where your skilled stylist will either shave or cut the back and sides of your hair very short. The disconnect will then occur through the contrast between the longer hair on the top. Again, you can wear the longer hair in a quiff, slicked back or effortlessly tousled depending on the look you want to achieve.

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Buzz Cuts

Buzz cuts are all the rage at the moment as they are easy to style, meaning each morning you can just get up and go knowing that your hair looks good. You could get a buzz cut that’s super short or a little longer – if you’re not sure what would look best then just ask your friendly 605 Styling Co stylist!

Beard Trim & Shaping, Hot Towel Shaves

A beard looks best when it’s well-groomed! Have your beard trimmed, shaped, or sculpted at our Sioux Falls salon for a fresh & sharp look. Whether you have a full beard, goatee, or moustache, we can tidy up your facial hair to keep it looking neat. We’ll even throw in a complimentary neck shave!  We also offer hot towel shaves.

Hair Color For Men

More and more men are getting their hair colored, to subtly disguise grey hair with camo color, to completely conceal grey, or to transform with a new and bright hair color. We can create any fashion hair color when want to make a bold statement with our vivid color, like blue or green! Whatever hair color you're craving, our highly trained colorists will provide!

Perms for Men

Curly hairstyles are increasing in popularity for men.  If you want to add some body to your hair or give more definition to your waves, come in for a man perm, a modern day curl treatment for men's hair.

Wax Hair Removal

Wax hair removal is an effective solution for removing unwanted hair. Although hair will grow back, it's likely that repeat treatment can remove the hair by the root, preventing regrowth. We offer a full range of wax hair removal for men including brows, buttocks, back and chest.

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