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Look beautiful from your head right down to your toes! At 605 Styling Co Hair & Beauty Salon, we can add the finishing touches to your look with a set of fantastic finger & toenails. We provide the best nail services in Sioux Falls, so kick back and relax with our new, dedicated nail expert, Kim Berning.

Manicures & Pedicures

Your hands are always hard at work, so give them a break with a relaxing manicure! Manicures are a great way to improve the health of your nails and the skin of your hands, which leave your hands looking refreshed & youthful with a perfect set of nails.

The manicure process involves shaping your nails, working on your cuticles, moisturizing your hands & finally polishing your nails. We recommend that you come into our Sioux Falls salon with clean hands & nails before your appointment, but we can take off previous polish if you forget. After your appointment, leave the handiwork (like washing up, gardening, or bathing) to someone else for an hour or two while the nourishing oils and moisturizers work into your hands.

Put your feet up with a pedicure and show your toes some love! A pedicure will leave your feet looking and feeling pretty with softer skin. We will soak and cleanse your feet, followed by an exfoliating rub to remove any dead skin. Similar to the manicure, your nails will be shaped as well as your cuticles, leaving you with beautiful toenails. You can also get your toenails painted – perhaps even the same color as your fingernails for a cute matching set!

When coming in for a pedicure at the best nail salon in Sioux Falls, we suggest you wear flip-flops or open sandals so that you don’t smudge your perfectly polished toenails. However, if you opt for a long-lasting gel nail pedicure then you can wear socks and shoes straight away as the polish is instantly ‘set’.

Natural Nails

Natural nails are all the rage, with nude nail color, pretty pink polish & shades of brown nail polish being some of the top nail trends. If your school or workplace isn’t a fan of brightly colored nails, then a natural nail color is a great way to still feel pretty with perfect nails. Of course, if you want completely natural nails then we offer fabulous manicures!

French Manicures

The French Manicure is a specific type of manicure where a band of white polish is painted across the tip of the nail in contrast with the clear or pale polish on the nail below. Typically, the base color is a pale pink while the tip is white but there have been many variations of these colors over the years – with a nude base and off-white tip being popular for a more natural nail look. You could even opt for a fun nail color across the tip for a modern twist on this manicure classic.

Gorgeous Gel Nails

Sick of smudging or chipping your nails? Go for a gel nail color which is quickly set under a UV lamp, meaning you’ll have fabulous nails in no time! Gel nails also generally last for 2-3 weeks meaning you can have gorgeous gel nails for longer than regular polish.

You’ll know when you need a fresh color as your gel nails will begin to peel. We strongly recommend that you come in for a quick & professional gel soak-off service at 605 Styling Co Salon when this happens because if you peel them off yourself, you’re likely to damage your natural nails as this can strip away the natural oils on your nails.

Acrylic Nails, Full Set Acrylic, Acrylic Fill

Now offering acrylics nails and acrylic nail extensions. Long lasting, durable, and they last for weeks at a time. 

The Best Nail Art In Sioux Falls

At 605 Styling Co Salon in Sioux Falls, we offer fantastic nail art services where our skilled nail technicians paint designs onto your nails. Whatever design you want, be sure to bring in a picture so that your expert nail technician knows exactly what you want. This is best discussed over a consultation so that we can be sure to provide the best nail art for you.

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