Brow Wax, Facial Wax, Body Wax Hair Removal in Sioux Falls

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We provide waxing hair removal services for the full body and face. These services are available for men and women and are performed using a safe & hygienic method of hair removal in our private treatment room.

Don't be embarrassed.  Everyone has hair.

If you feel self conscious about your hair, or feel your body hair too visible, or just too much, come in for a wax appointment. Life is too busy to constantly pluck and shave. Be comfortable. Our wax technicians can remove unwanted hair quickly with long lasting results. 

Face and Body Waxing

We offer eyebrow waxing and shaping along with facial waxing to remove thick or dark hair from the upper lip and chin. We also offer body waxing to remove unwanted hair on the arms and legs. Underarm waxing is popular in the summertime to avoid daily shaving.  Discreet body waxing is available for more sensitive areas such as bikini waxing, Brazilian bikini wax, inner and outer buttocks area waxing. Chest waxing and back waxing is a popular choice with the men.

We use a hot wax method.

We recommend that you let your hair grow for at least three weeks for the best waxing hair removal results. Typically, clients may see minimal regrowth around three weeks and return for repeat waxing treatments 4-6 weeks after their first treatment.

The reason we use the hot wax hair removal technique is that it’s far less painful than other forms of waxing. The wax is applied directly to your skin and allowed to harden in a strip which can then be quickly pulled off like a regular wax strip. However, unlike regular wax strips, this technique is more gentle on sensitive skin as there is no need for pressure to be applied to the wax. The hot wax treatment also pulls on the skin less when removed which can help avoid redness or bruising that may be caused by regular waxing strips.

Brow Wax, Facial Wax, Body Wax Hair Removal In Sioux Falls

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